About Tony

Artist Tony Song has been painting for over 40 years. A picturesque style, rich color range and emotional power characterize his artwork. Freeing color from its role in nature and exploring the psychological power of color are part of his style. Artist Tony Song received more than 6 years of professional training at schools such as the China Academy of Art and received a degree in fine arts.

Tony Song was born in Beijing, China. In 1960, he came to the United States to study at UWM Graduate School. In 1995, he decided to settle in the United States and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Tony Song’s journey as an artist has been marked by solo and collaborative exhibitions that have graced galleries and private collections. Awards and recognition have become milestones in his pursuit of artistic excellence. So far, he has won many awards, including the Excellence Award in the “Forte Cup 20th Century Asia-Pacific Art Competition” co-sponsored by the American Institute of Asian Studies. He was selected to the “Register of Distinguished Professionals in America” and received certification from “Who’s Who in America”, as well as first prize in oil painting at the 59th Anaheim Artists Association 2023 Art Show, among others.

He summarizes his career as an artist: “My eyes are not cameras, and my works are not photos.” My works cover vision, perception, thought, form, technique and comprehensive creation. I’m happy to be an artist. Canvas is my best friend and color is my language. When we meet face to face, I always talk about the wonderful life, beautiful colors, magical artistic phenomena, interesting life experiences, and beautiful feelings from the heart. “

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