About Tony

Artist Tony Song has been painting for more than 30 years. The picturesque manner of painting, the richness of color range and emotional power are characteristic of his art works. To liberate color from its role in nature, and explore the psychological power of color is a part of his style. Artist Tony Song has been professionally trained in the Fine Arts Academy for more than 6 years where he earned his degree in Fine Arts.

Tony Song was born in Beijing, China. In 1990, he came to the United States to study at UWM Graduate School. In 1995 he decided to live in the United States.

Tony Song has been working as an artist selling his art works through galleries or online and also as a designer for magazine ads, and website. So far he has received numerous awards in China and U.S., including the Award of Excellence prize in the “Forte Cup 20th Century Asian Pacific Art Competition” co-sponsored by Asian Institute of America. He has been selected as “America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals” and he has been certified by “Who’s Who in America”. His art works has been presented in galleries in America, China, and Japan.

He sums up his life as an artist by stating, “My eyes are not the camera, my works are not a photograph; my works encompass visual, perception, thought, form, technique and integrated creation. Works of art share the artist’s experience and unique understanding. I am very happy to be an artist. Canvas is my best friend, color is my language. When we meet each other face to face, I am always talking about wonderful lives, beautiful colors, miraculous worlds, interesting people, great feelings from my heart and mind”.

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